“REFUSE Application” recommend City Planners

The City has until April 16th to decide whether to Approve, Approve with Modifications or Refuse the Burlington 2020 Lakeshore Inc’s application to redevelop the Waterfront Hotel property. The Planning Department’s assessment of the application, and their recommendation to REJECT it, can be found on the City’s website. It will be presented at the April 12th Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee meeting for ultimate approval by Council.

View the recommendation on Burlington.ca

In addition, the Waterfront Hotel Planning Study report has been published, which to a significant extent summarizes all of the input from all stakeholders, including the residents, over the last 5 years, and proposes a derived Preferred Concept 2022. This report will be presented to the CPRM Committee on April 5th and you can find it at the City Meeting Calendar for April 5 -> Addendums.

You can delegate at either of these meetings, virtually or just by sending in an email or letter. Citizen’s PLAN B will most certainly be delegating at both, which you can view amongst all the other proceedings via a live streaming feature on the City’s website.

They’re sure to be more entertaining and personally meaningful than your routine, midday TV soap operas!