An incomplete application should not be grandfathered!

You may have heard that the application for the Waterfront Hotel redevelopment has been submitted prior to Steve Clark, Ontario Minister Of Municipal Affairs & Housing, approving ROPA 48 on November 10th, effectively eliminating two intensification arguments (MTSA & UGC designations) used by developers trying to justify increasing high condo developments downtown.

That’s all true… but did you know that the City in a 7-0 unanimous vote of Council supported the Planning Department’s recommendation PL-59-21 to deem the application INCOMPLETE.

It seems logical to us at PLAN B that this application will have to be re-submitted on a future date beyond November 10th, and that it should NOT BE GRANDFATHERED.

Do you know what is permitted in Burlington’s OP 1997 (as adjusted) for this property?

A maximum of 14 storeys, not 30 & 35.

Stay tuned, because things have just gotten a lot more interesting!

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